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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekend Edition

And who said this generation's apathetic?

Frat Boy 1: We should start a rally!
Frat Boy 2: Yeah!
Frat Boy 1: I don't know for what yet, but we should!

-Arts Quad, submitted by jb


3 preppy boys walk in silence by listener. Suddenly:
Popped collar 1: NORDSTROMS!

-East Ave, submitted by rj

Facebook usage does not imply English mastery

Blonde on cell: I deleted you on accident!

-Outside CTB, submitted by dek + lj

College is so hard

Diva on phone: But I don't have any jean skirts that don't show off my ass!

-RPCC, submitted by bjh

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thurs, hers

Animal Science Major

Boy: It's a beanbag chair mom! A mouse could have figured that out.

-Court Hall, submitted by cde

Kids, shaving is important

Guy: You guys don't shave your legs!?!? That's Gross!!
Girl 1: Well, you dont shave your butt do you?
Guy: No. So what?

(1 minute passes)

Girl 2: Haha! You have a hairy butt!

-Ag quad submitted by rj

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday

Teusdays are the new Wednesdays

Bro: Dude, I puked so much this morning!

-Thurston Bridge, 9:50 am

Heil Ezra!

Junge: I wonder if there were any Cornellians in the third reich?

-Oakenshields, 12:30 pm

The Female Body, Explained

Sorority Girl: What would the vagina look like in musical form? Like, a harp?

-Goldwin Smith, 1:45 pm

Cultural Awareness Appreciation

Asian Boy: You know, the typical rap song: "I'm gonna shoot you in the head 20 times, and then leave"

-Appel Dining, 6:20 pm

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First overheard! 4/25/06

The Engineering Quad, my dear

Asian Girl: So where do all the hip Asian boys hang out?

-Appel Commons, 7:15 PM

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