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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summertime in the city

I know, I know. It's been a long time. You stopped checking the blog, you gave up on the possibility of seeing it again, maybe you even started reading impostor overheard in the Sun. It's been hard for me to. Ive received emails of derision and desperation. I've felt guilty, filled with malaise. I even lost my ability to pick out overheards walking around campus. (Seriously, once you start trying, you can tell within five seconds whether a conversation you're hearing will give you a good one or not.) But then I realized, what the hell, the revenue from the google ads is too easy to give up.
Anyway, that stupid column's gone from the Sun and now it's just us baby; you, me, and the silly bastards prancing about Cornell giving vent to their most vapid nothings. Anyway, here are some old ones (from back in the day when I was still updating regularly) to whet your appetite. Come this semester beginning, I await with great vigor and excitement the renewal of our work together.
-the ear

Who isn't, really?

Professor: I'm a facebook whore!

-ho plaza, heard by Gbern

So...not a totally perfect frat boy, then.

Frat boy: Golfers scare democrats!

-fiji, heard by anonymous

This one coming all the way from South Hill

IC Girl #1: You're such a drunk asshole
IC Boy: Come on, I don't even know you. I appologized like 2 and a half times.
IC Girl #2: I'm not drunk. See? I can do a cartwheel.

-location unknown, heard by franco

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