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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Update Extravaganza!

You know, like santa's sleigh 'n stuff

Sorority Girl #1 - There were like these reindeer, and like they were labelled as caribou, haha
Sorority Girl #2- What's a caribou?

-trillium, heard by dan

There was a row of seats "Reserved for SUNY Dehli" but amazingly filled with white people

Guy looking at sign: Hey, what's SUNY Delhi?
Female Friend One: I don't know.
Female Friend Two: Maybe there's a SUNY in India?
Guy looking at sign: But none of the people sitting there are Indian!
*later, still confused....*
Guy looking at sign: But really, is there a SUNY in India?
Incredulous Guy: Uhh... STATE University of NEW YORK?
Guy looking at sign: But Cornell has a thing in that Q place!

-at bernard tschumi lecture, heard by lal

Im thinkin, like...U Hawaii?

Wannabe sorostitute: So I really wanna like, go abroad, but it has to be someplace like, where they speak English, and where it's warm and sunny.

then, as she gets off, her friends:

Guy friend: I didn't mind her today.
Female friend: Yeah, sometimes I want to punch her in the face, but she was nice today.
Guy friend: Yeah, I don't mind her if she's not talking about Food Science...because you know, she like's all interested in's weird.

-82 bus, heard by scott

Well, he's definitely qualified

Scrawny Jewish Boy: I went to Hebrew school for seven years. I can kick anyone's ass.

-bethe house, heard by smap

Understatement of the Year

Woman on cell phone walking through snow in April: Well it's not exactly Paris in the springtime.

-ho plaza, heard by kathy

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