Sick of the overwhelming stupid smacking you in the ear every day at Cornell University? Send us the hilarious, stupid or just out there things you hear, when and where you heard them, and by who (no names, just generic description) and we'll publish them. Either post it as a comment or send it to Good luck, and happy hearing

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Overheard at Cornell

Hello all. This blog was created in the interest of serving the good students, faculty and staff of Cornell University. As you probably know, Cornell is an Ivy League institution, and a college of great repute. And so you may be surprised, as you amble about your daily ivy-shagged business, to hear some of the stupidest, most inane, wealth-bred empty-headed buffoonery to ever be uttered by a college student, let alone a theoretically intelligent one.
This site, modeled after the great Overheard in NYC ( hopes to document the promethean babblings of uncouth youth culture at its most grotesque. Exaggerating, of course. But when that asshole next to you in the dining hall points to a sign saying May Contain Nuts and yells: "Yeah, may contain DEES nuts" (the interaction which inspired this humble servant) please consider jotting it down and sending it to us.
Either leave it in a comment on an earlier posting, or email it to
Hopefully, since we can't beat em, the literate (and yes I mean those who can read) among us should join together and have a good, $40000 laugh as we realize that their AEM diploma is going to take them a lot further than we'll ever go.
Welcome, and happy hearing.


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