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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Update is for now!

Ready, go!

I bet she realized this as she was reading it

Confused Girl: We have a prelim coming up on the 15th right?
Incredulous TA: No..
Confused Girl: But it says so right here! Prelim. March 15th!
Incredulous TA:'s the 9th of April.

-class, heard by no one in particular

Clearly also a geometry teacher

Chem Prof: Lets put that in a box.
(circles the information on the board)
Chem Prof: ...A non-square box.

-chem class, heard by no one in particular

These guys clearly paid attention

Dude Bro 1: Dude, you wanna learn that riff to Black Dog?
Dude Bro 2: Nah, we should learn Sunshine of Your Love.
DB1: Is that the all complicated one where its just guitar, and then drums?
DB2: No man, that's Black Dog.
DB1: How does Sunshine go?
DB2: You duh-nuh-nuh-nuh nuh nuh nuh
DB1: Oh right man...I don't remember either of them, but we should totally do that.

-walking out of history of rock class, heard by scott

Yeah Right

Random Girl: lots of korean...I AM NOT A SLUT!...more korean

-ivy room, heard by diamond

Same overheard, but funnier

German girl #1: [german]...sorority...[german]
German girl #2: "[german]...lypo suction...[german]

-goldwin smith, heard by blah

This is embarassing for everyone involved. Perhaps most so Anne Frank

Girl 1: No! It's a feel good movie!
Girl 2: Isn't it the Diary of Anne Frank? I hate to tell you but she dies in the end.
Girl 1: No...?!
Girl 2: I thought I saw it on your floor.
Girl 1: ... No, you saw Annie Hall.

-west campus, heard by twerp