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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It is still Tuesday in Hawaii

Enjoy, mein kinder.

Well cut grass gets my hot

Girl 1: That's really cool.
Girl 2: What, that my faculty advisor's really hot?
Girl 1: No, that lawn mower.

-location unknown, heard by tan

Sometimes change can be a hard thing to swallow

Drunk Girl #1: I don't know how much I liked that wine.
Drunk Girl #2: Me either, it was kind of too sweet.
Drunk Girl #3: Guys, I just swallowed a dime.

-location unkown, heard by tan

All of the overheards today express my sentiments exactly

(Suddenly, out of the pall of silence that is Uris...)
Frat boy: (Yells) Fuck this shit! Fuck this school! (slams books, runs out of library)

-uris library, heard by itotallyagree

Atleast she's gettin' clean

Hungover sorority girl:...and then i took a shower with all my clothes on.

-olin, heard by lilichka

This week, I am a boring stressed out person

Girl on Cell: What if all the boring people were really just totally stressed out? I mean, what if?

-betwixt the libraries, heard by wiktor

More tomorrow, if I yet live.
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