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Thursday, April 05, 2007

61st post and goin' strong

Stay in school.

Its funny when hotelies don't know words

Girl #1: (looking at friend's necklace) Oh my god, are you wearing a cross?!?
Girl #2: No, it's an anchor. Can you really imagine me trying to assimilate to the majority culture?
Girl #1: Seriously. . . Wait, a-simma-what?

-statler, heard by anonymous

I heard if you reject his friend request, he challenges you to a duel.

Girl: Who's Aaron Burr? Should we facebook him?

-west campus, heard by twerp

What sorta dern edumacation you gittin at that stoopid skool?

Girl on cell with parents: I'm writing a paper and need some help, but not a bible length explanation [pause] It's on race. [pause] No, not on rape, it's on race for my class! [pause] My class is not about rape! It's about race, r-a-s-e, wait, r-a-c-e.

-new noyes lounge, heard by greczy

If only we could hear the other sides of these convos

Loud girl on cell phone: You paid $70...[pause] YOU PAID $170 FOR A HAIRCUT? Do you know how many shoes I could buy with $170? [pause] Well no, not your shoes but...[pause]...I'm just saying, if you make more money than mom and dad you should get your own place!

-bethe house, heard by moon

I mean, I have alot of Jewish friends...

Guy: Are you Jewish?
Girl: Pretty much.

-number 10 bus, heard by bryce

Aunt Jemimah cries a single tear

Nerd 1: I wasn't aware until about 30 seconds ago that maple syrup even had a sexual connotation...
Nerd 2: Hey man, I didn't say, I didn't say it!

-neuro class, heard by jankster

That's some heavy shit man

Dorky Geek #1: She was sick and taking drugs man, she was so out of it, I swear. She was taking those drugs, that green stuff, what's it called, Nyquil...she was so out of it, what is even in that stuff?
Dorky Geek #2: ...alcohol?
Dorky Geek #1: YEAH, she was so out of it. [pause] I hope she doesn't get addicted.

-neuro class, again jankster

Thats all for today folks. You keep listening and you just hear some good ones. You just hear them and you send to me.