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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Overdue Posting, New Blog, Sweet Overheards

Howdy all. Sorry about the length of this update- as I'm sure you know, the weeks before spring break tend to lead people the entire Cornell community into a mass-neurotic suicidal break down, and I suffered like the rest of em. But we're back, hopefully refreshed, and almost entirely snow free. So to the next month and a half: may it not kill our souls.
On a more upbeat note, there is a new blog Overheard Everywhere which is taking overheards from all over this great land, and web, and posting it in one bigger site. Though it will not effect how we are run at all, I think it is worth noting that a large majority of the posts so far on Overheard Everywhere come from us! Way to go Cornell! It's a pretty hilarious site, so check them out.
Though they've taken a bunch of your quotes already, too many for me to mention, they contact me when they make an add, so I will email you if your future submissions end up on their website. Which is a big ole way of saying, look, even more reasons to submit! Check them out, and check out these newbies.
the ear

She's prolly got tenure, too

Art Prof to class: You all know the story of the Internet right? It actually started in the scientific community.

-tjaden, heard by cat

Why doesn't this woman teach comp sci?

Art Prof to class: When viewing a webpage, you're probably going to need to choose the vehicele to see it. Maybe you will you pick Safari, or Fox Fire, but not Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is definetly on the out these days. You might also choose Netscape or Opera, but I'd say go with Fox Fire.

-tjaden, heard by fox fire?

Who said stereotypes were wrong?

Dngineer 1: What's the deal with you and your two friends? What do you need two for?
Engineer 2: HEY! I like my friends, both of them.

-arts quad, heard by charlie

Behold, future Alberto Gonzales

Enthusiastic law student: I love tiny spoons!

-hughes, heard by laura and matt

He and peanut butter have a checkered past

Guy on Cell: No way - I left my dog in the car. I don't perform in front of animals!

-engineering quad, heard by sara

Clearly knows his post-structuralist criticism

Frat Guy 1: I thought I had the meaning of that book down. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. All about diversity. (pauses) But nope.
Frat Guy 2: What is it about?
Frat Guy 1:Racism and overpopulation.

-wsh reading room, heard by saywhat

Your waist only bends if you're in the top tax-bracket

Forgeign Student to friend: He's pretty rich and was raised in a convential, upper-class background, I guess. Like, he knows how to bow and stuff.

-arts quad, also heard by saywhat

Literacy is a long forgotten skill

Sorostitute #1: Oh, genius, I spelled cheese wrong.
Sorostitute #2: That's nothing. Sometimes I spell my own name wrong!

-appel, heard by twombly


Girl with arm around boy: I'm a WASP...white anglo saxon protestant coming through!

-outside du, heard by moon

More common than you think

Frat Boy#1: Dude he cut his head open, we might have to take him to the hospital.
Frat Boy#2: Damn, how did he do that?
Frat Boy #1: Playing pong.
Frat Boy #2: Nice!

-outside a frat, also heard by moon

I think this belief is the leading cause of unwanted pregnancies

Freshman Girl: I guess I always thought the perfect man would just fall from the sky and say 'hi, I'm your husband!

-campus drive, heard by the jankster

Here here!

Guy on phone: I don't want to see a single fucking Cornell girl over spring break.

-libraries, heard by anonymous

Expert analysis

Girl, looking at sheet: Okay guys, here's the answer: Hunters and gatherers would... *brief pause* Hunt and gather.

-tower cafe, heard by amused engineer

Personally, I like new crazy Britney

Girl: I mean things could be worse, you could be a bald Britney.

-rpu, heard by stina


Whiny Girl: My flight was canceled!!
Friend: Oh NO! Your hair looks great!

-mvr, heard by paris

Check the side bar for the link.
Happy hearings.


Anonymous d-kizzle said...

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11:30 AM

Anonymous d-kizzle said...

make that the first two, jerk

11:31 AM

Blogger The Ear said...

D-kizzle, your comment's been deleted on account of you name dropping me. You know I'm anonymous baby.
I did make the changes you requested in such a rude and prickly manner, but come on kids, cant we all just get along?

12:36 PM

Anonymous xcutterXboix said...

Wow. congrats on being the fourth overheard when i google "overheard at." you come up before "overheard in new york"

oh damn. i just had a thought, and realized that the "in" might matter.. it did. you were 30th when i searched "overheard" still...

only Western has you beat. that's pretty exciting. but you're bigger than both "overheard in vancouver" AND "overheard in the classroom"!


3:14 AM

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