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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

There is infinite possibility in technology power

Howdy all. Before we get to it, I'd like to let y'all know we are now accepting text-message submissions. Hear an absolutely fantastic one liner, but don't have time to write it down before your orgo exam? Add to your phonebook, and send a text with all the info (you know the drill- quote, where, what name you'd like to be called) and it'll work like butta.

Ladies and gents, meet Karen Kesey

Girl Engineer: I should do LSD or something...then I could, like, step outside my mind and solve all of these problems. From, like, a greater depth of being.

-carpenter engineering library, heard by the sinister minister

That is a bum's deal

Dirty man: Stick your tongue out and tell me if this water tastes good.

-footbridge to north, heard by givemeajob

Gettin' off, the engineering way

Girl: And I was like, Gmail? I had no idea it could be this good!

-engineering quad, heard by the ear

Love you dahlings, turn off your ipods and listen close!
-the ear


Anonymous twombly said...

Girl: I don't like processes...and anal things.

heard in tjaden

11:34 AM


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