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Thursday, March 29, 2007

More More More

Heyo! Read this, suckers!

Like beads.

Girl: I don't like processes...and anal things.

-tjaden hall, heard by twombly

This was said with not even a hint of sarcasm.

Sororowhore: I know, when I heard she had a three bedroom apartment all to herself, I thought, that's bordering on ridiculous.

-olin elevator, heard by trapped

Oh man, this must've been a great lecture

Hippie Student: So, did the oilman and thong-man work together?
Professor:...One could only hope.

-archaeology class, heard by squirrely mcsquirrel

Soo much squirrels!

Girl on cell: Yeah, I was just taking that part... (squirrel runs across the path, she jumps back in horror) JESUS CHRIST! I fucking hate squirrels!

-betwixt the libraries, heard by the ear

This is why you never tell anyone anything

Girl 1: I'm surprised how good a relationship you and your boyfriend have given how much sex you have.

-cayuga lodge, heard by someone

Submit to me my little children! Submit me many hearings!
-the ear


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