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Saturday, March 31, 2007


Cornell, where even the dullest stars shine bright

Entirely Sober: OH MY GOD this [telescope] is so big! Is it the Hubble?!

-fuertes observatory, heard by areyoukiddingme

I know this girl. She is smelly.

Dirty Chuck: I was totally going to shower yesterday, but instead I got high.

-goldwin smith, heard by lovebirds

Or orientation, for that matter?

Girl #1: Do you wanna be an OL?
Girl #2: Um... do I like people?

-carol tatkon center, overheard by anonymous accident

Kid: The only reason I remember the day I got accepted to Cornell is because it's the only time I ever walked in on my parents having sex.

-north, overheard by doug

Wasn't that exhilirating?
Submit my friends, submit.


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