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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Overheards and New Allies

How-dy. Before we get into our shit today, I'd like to inform y'all of a new blog that continues the good fight at another university of high quality with students of...well...the new blog, based out of Boston College, is . I know their Ear, and he is a fellow of some excellence. So if you have friends at BC, or just can't get enough overheards, click on over to them. I've added them to our link list on the right. They're just starting up, but they've already got some solidly funny ones. Anyway, back to sunny Ithaca.

You say program, I say OS. Let's call the whole thing off

Girl: Have you guys seen Vista? I think it's that new program.

-location unknown, heard by unknown

The 9th one probably. Y'know, the one where everyone's embedded in Ice created by Satan's giant perpetually beating wings.

Florentine: Cornell was built to resemble one of Dante's levels of hell

-ho plaza, heard by anonymous

Imagine all the people...understanding what's going on

Engineer Girl: So imagine you are in Duffield...
Sorostitute Friend: WHAT, when was I in duffield?
Engineer Girl: NOOO, I was in duffield, this is my story!

-lynah rink, heard by the merry jankster

Kids, Submit me some gold ones so that I might polish my statues with.
-the ear


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nerdy freshman girl who better take Econ 101 soon - Did you know that in Fiji they can't afford to buy Fiji water so they have to import it? Isn't that SAD??

1:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'll be happy to know that the Vista comment was heard in the Statler elevator.

Guy eating while talking on his cell: No, I'm busy. Yeah I'm...working on my writing seminar. Stuff.
- Okenshield's

8:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

girl on cell phone: yea i mean, all the hot guys are gay and all the gay girls are ugly so its matter what im screwed out of the hot ones! ... yea, i wish i was born with a penis...

12:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girl: I don't like beer, because I'm a girl.

- bridge to Engineering quad

12:55 AM


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