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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


So, I know you're probably used to it by now. 3 days go by with no post, and you think 'boy, that blog really has fallen off. What a lazy author it has. I remember the glory days when we got updates every day.' Well, fair enough, but not this time suckers! I have received 0 (count them, 0) overheards since my last update on Sunday. This is unprecendented since the early days of yore, when we all wore dapper top hats and monacles and discussed the sublime dangers of entanglement overseas with those dirty krauts, when I had just begun the blog. Seriously though you jerks, get off yer asses and listen to the stupid things people are saying. Just because its cold doesn't mean they get any smarter. This is Cornell folks, not some sort of well-respected institution of higher learning. In fact, since I began writing this update, Ezra Cornell has turned over in his grave 10-15 times. Speaking of which, he's 200 years young this year. Check out the posters all around campus, he had a totally sweet beard, just unbelievably excellent. But that's neither here nor there. What is is that you bums need to start hearing stupid things and sending them to me! Luckily I heard one today, or else we'd all be up shit creek sans paddle, and being in a creek of shit was bad enough when we atleast had the hope of escaping it into some sort of urine estuary or vomit river.
the ear.

What I get for venturing up to North

Guy: I'm not really like a saucy, creamy guy.

-appel commons, heard by the ear