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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Update 39!

Well, it's finally happened. I've waited and waited for this day, and today, someone submitted a conversation I was in. Sadly, I was not the one who said the quote, but it is still a day for great happiness and rejoicing. Enjoy. Oh, and submit!
-the ear

Nice, sensitive, community service oriented m looking for caring, child loving f

Guy to girl selling breast cancer t-shirts: I'll do it later, the kids with cancer will still have cancer...

-mews, heard by Mike

High Standards

Lanky boy: She's a sophomore with a pulse. Perfect for me.

-eng quad, heard by stef

Does anyone remember those Bud Light "man-law" commercials? This guy does.

Confused Asian: Wait, I thought "Man Laws" were real laws.

-ho plaza, heard by the stairmaster

Not in this lifetime

Dumb girl: Born again Christianity is the new black.

-mews, heard by mike

Wow, conceited and trashy

Girl: I always have these random people adding me as a friend on facebook. But sometimes I'm like, 'you're cute, i'll accept you'

-trillium, heard by taylor

It is called the cocktail lounge...

Slackjaw: Why's it so quiet in here!?

-uris cocktail lounge, heard by djbj

Why you'd want to be an AEM major finally explained

A Dude: I like business? Sometimes. But i like parties? ALL the time.

-johnson's business school, heard by boogie

Freshman are so...racist

Girl: Snoop Dog like, looks like a dog...

-rpcc, heard by suzuka addict

This poor man doesn't even enjoy grabbing girls' boobs.

Sorority girl: And what's with those guys who grab girls' boobs? It can't be that fun
Guy friend who wants to sleep with her:'s really not

Later in the conversation...

Sorority girl: Why would he stop making out with her? She was like taking off his clothes...I'd say that was probably a good sign
Guy friend: was like "go team go!"

-commons, heard by scott

TI...and I don't mean the rapper

Girl 1: I wish my dad owned Texas Instruments
Girl 2: Wait, why's that?
Girl 1: Because then I would be really rich...and I would have all the calculators I wanted!
Girl 2: Oh my god, you're right!

-olin, heard by fultron


Vice-president: ...we're all like kind of educated or whatever?

-meeting of a very well-known student organization, heard by babygirl

PS- The convo I was in? High Standards.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lanky boy? evan she means.

4:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guy dressed as a plant: Fuck you, Ketchup! You too, Mustard.

11:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

above heard on eddy street

11:23 AM

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