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Friday, November 03, 2006

Halloween Mania Part 2

How the hell is it already November? Seriously, I will give anyone a substantial financial reward if they can find the last two months and give them back to me. Forward all information (and overheards) to:

I...I just do not understand

Girl 1: I mean, just 'cuz I do it doesn't mean I do it fast.
Girl 2: …Yea, like, I used to date my chem TA.

-cascadilla, heard by hearing aid

God loves the religgy

Jappy girl: so my parents are best friends with the cantor now. We're really really religgy.

-schwartz center, heard by minjee

I think he means you're ugly

Girl on cell: Well they say the guys here at a B+ but the girls are a C-...I don't know some website or college ranking...What do you mean am I graded on a curve?

-arts quad, heard by anonymous

If Halloween can't get you laid, nothing can

Freshman girl 1: I met a boy in a kilt on Friday, I wish I would have had sex with him"
Freshman girl 2: Yeah, kilts are hot

-central campus, heard by sorostitute

Been There

Girl: He was 26, I was 18. I liked him until I found out he was a loser.

-tatkon, heard by anonymous

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?? Who are these people? How did they get into Cornell?

Art History TA: This print depicts the Sacrifice of Isaac, which is a biblical story where God told Isaac to kill his first born son...
Art History Bimbo: OH. MY. GOD. That's....terrible.....That's almost as bad as a girl telling her boyfriend that he needs to get rid of his dog because she's allergic.

-johnson, heard by mary

Don't smoke kids

Guy: You'll die eventually, whether its from cigarettes or something else. Hopefully AIDS.

-louie's lunch, heard by caitlin

Voiced from experience

Frat Guy: Dude, Little Mermaid is a great date movie. If you can't hook up with the girl, you can always jerk off to Ariel.

-ho plaza, heard by doug

Triangles- now in four dimensions

Guy 1: Why are we walking through the Engineering Quad?
Guy 2: C'mon man, it's like the hypotenuse... it makes sense!
Guy 3: Dude, we just got out of hockey and you guys are talking about fourth dimensions?

-eng quad, heard by marcella

Cornell Diversity

Frat Guy #1: Dude, there are so many different type of people here.
Frat Guy #2: Yeah.
Frat Guy #1: I mean, just about every fraternity and sorority is represented.

-terrace cafe, heard by vickie

Redundant. Definitely redundant.

Guy with a cane: We'll go out. And party like rock stars. Rock stars with STDs.

-eng quad, heard by rv

Hope you had a happy halloween!
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