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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Computer back, Sun resolved, everyone jubilantly happy

If I have learned one thing from not having a computer for a week, it is that I am sickeningly dependent on the thing. But now overheard is back, and with a vengeance. I promise this long a hiatus will not occur again (precluding all catastrophic computer meltdowns). Oh, and the problem with the sun is no longer a problem but a joyous solution. What's going to happen is that we're going to send Monika the best overheards from the week, and she's going to use a mix of ours and hers, and then reference this little blog at the end of the article. Dope solution, n'est-ce pas? Ok, lets get into em. There are a ton.

No no! Don't put that there!!! Just think WWJD!

Hip christian asian girl: He didn't DO it though did he?
Hip christian asian boy: Yeah, he did. he's so stupid.
Hip christian asian girl: I know. I mean, hasn't he taken sex ed before? Doesn't he KNOW where babies come from?

-outside uris, heard by thedoppleganger

True friendship means jumping on a vietcong grenade

Some guy: I talk about you behind your back because I'm your friend and I certainly hope that you do the same for me.

bebe lake bridge, heard by icertainlydothatformyfriends

*sigh*. If only.

Guy: So at this Texas Game Ranch, they release Emos and you shoot at them... I mean Emus.

-anthro class, heard by pace

A True Man

Real Drunk Guy with pink hat: You guys should totally use chop sticks,
it's so pussy not to.
Hippie: (light-heartedly) We're trying to save some trees
Pink Hat: Do you have any idea how many geese I killed today? 12.

-miyake, heard by hearing aid


Orgo Prof: We have partial superimposability of molecules, it's like being partially pregnant!

-baker 200, heard by opakapaka

Ok, technically not a Cornell student, but still hilarious

Hobo (gesturing to trash can): I was right! There's definitely a big hole in this thing!

-linden ave., heard by dek


Drunk guy: I could totally take on that tree, just level it.
Drunk girl: I think the tree would win.
Drunk guy: No, really, I think I could take it down.

-outside du, heard by kimothy

Hey! I walk on that quad!

Freshman guy 1: Hey dude... how many guys do you think have whipped out their balls in the middle of the quad?
Freshman guy 2: Uhh I don't know
Freshman guy 1: Cuz I just did!!!

-arts quad, heard by ann

Somewhere, a fairy dropped dead

Girl #1: ...but I don't want to look fake.
Girl #2: Well looking a little fake is normal because I mean it's normal to get plastic surgery.

-cascadeli terrace, heard by godspeakstomeontheradio


Girl: I mean, I agreed to play beer pong with him, but we're not like, dating!

-vet quad, heard by liza

Thank God for Vomiting

Girl 1 arrives at table with yogurt.
Thin Girl 2, though a mouthful of brownie: Yogurt is so fattening.

-trillium, heard by sff

I blame society

Girl: Why are we so bad at conversation?
Guy: We have to, like... like... like, I don't know.

-libe cafe, heard by sff

Thanks for putting up with the overheard-free week, and keep submitting!
the ear


Blogger Beeeej said...

Your LJ feed is once again cutting off entries in the middle. See today's, for instance. Please see about fixing that?

11:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guy: Oh those cinnamon things look so good!
Girl: You're so good!
[insert silence and some stifled laughing]
Girl: Yea sometimes these things just come out of my mouth...

-Ho Plaza

4:01 PM


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