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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Hey all. Those of you who read by rss, do not despair, we don't know what the problem is right now but it's being dealt with. Sorry about the hassle of having to click to the actual website, but sometimes its good to expand your horizons. You know, get out of your comfort zones and really face life. You know, Face to Face. All John Woo style.

So much squirrels!

Nerdy Asian girl: No, the squirrels are totally different here. Its like they're on a new strain of crack!

-eng quad, heard by narcoticsanonymous

I don't have a habit of agreeing with sorority girls but...

Sorostitute: Upper classmen doing the walk of shame from north that is just plain funny.

-ho plaza, heard by lj

Kids, seriously. Use protection.

Girl on cell: I mean if I was a freshman I would've been all over him, but I'm not anymore and it sucks. Now I'm all paranoid about diseases and stuff and I can't just do whatever I want I actually have to think about things.

-engineering quad, heard by gladimnotoneofthose


Girl: Wait, is he in DU?
Guy: Yeah.
Girl: I have to meet him!

-collegetown bagel patio, heard by the ear


Girl: I dont type lol. I just laugh.

-collegetown bagel, heard by xcutterboix

Oh baby you look so good!

Guy: Oh those cinnamon things look so good!
Girl: You're so good! {long pause}
Girl: Yea sometimes these things just come out of my mouth...

-ho plaza, heard by anonymous

C- in Gender Studies

Guy: So male and female...are those races?

-d soc class, heard by

-the ear


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