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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Well, my computer has just bitten the dust, so Im here in the library computer lab updating overheard. Hopefully the fix will come soon, but until then, updates may be very sporadic at best. But please, please continue submitting. I will try to sign on again tomorrow, and check things out. Also, w/ regards to the Sun, tomorrow the issue may be resolved, or it may not. We'll see. Cross your fingers, kids.

Clearly a classics major

Freshman girl: I think they should like, abolish the letters delta, epsilon, and alpha and just give frats names. Otherwise it's too confusing. like, that frat should be called the "red house frat" or something...

-arts quad, heard by twombly

A man amongst men

Guy: I had sex in the hockey line. It was awesome.

-arts quad, heard by anonymous

What would happen if she was still there?

Guy (dials into cell phone): Hey man, so I just saw something incredible and I needed to call you. This girl just walked by, and she had some GIGANTIC KNOCKERS!, she's gone now.

-arts quad, heard by blah

Sleazy and Horny, however, didn't make the cut

Hot Truck Guy: So I have a question for you. We're trying to think of all the seven dwarfs and we only have five so far. We have Happy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, and Sneezy. Do you know the other two?
Drunk Girl #1: Oh yeah, I've got this. I'm SO sober right now. Ok, so Happy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, Sneezy, and... SNOOPY!
Other Drunk Girls: *cheer excitedly*
Drunk Girl #2: OOH! And the last one is... HUMPY! YESSSSS!
Other Drunk Girls: *cheering* Yeah, she got it! Woo!
Drunk Girl #1: Ooh, Humpy's getting some action tonight!

-hot truck, heard by alc

So much slugs!

Asian Girl: Dude, why do we have so much slugs?

-college ave., heard by rv

Sure it was the car, Romeo

Dudebro: I asked him to use his car this morning and he just came down in his boxers and pulled it out....the car! I mean he pulled out the car!

-uris, heard by rv

How exactly is this done?

Girl: Well, I guess I'll just pretend to hook up with him.

-unknown location, heard by slg

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