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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Summer Update 2

Yeah yeah, I know, it's the end of the summer and you're really sick of sequels. But I forgot to post a couple of the really great submissions we got this summer, so, without further ado:

Philosophy 101

Guy: Given the pain of my last breakup, I'm reluctant to get into a relationship again.
Girl: That's why some people avoid serious relationships altogether.
Guy: Yeah, but at some point I'll be too bald to keep having casual sex all my life.

-libe cafe, heard by a sympathetic senior

Even frat boys get frustrated by how stupid some Cornellians are

Party Girl: Excuse me, but what does "roosh ta-key" mean?
Fraternity Guy: Huh? What are you talking about?
Party Girl: Your T-Shirt.
Fraternity Guy: That's "Rush TKE," as in "consider joining the
fraternity you're at right now"

-TKE party, heard by Brendan


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