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Friday, May 12, 2006


Howdy Everyone. We haven't had hardly enough emails yet to justify a top ten or a t-shirt, so please please send in your 10 (or fewer) favorite Overheards, by title, to See more info in the last entry. Alright, anyway, back to the stupid.

Sound Advice

Yelling girl: Don't get raped!
Friend: Ok.
Yelling girl: Just so you know.

-Crossing East Ave, heard by Bibbs

Still can't face the thought...

Girl: Ewww! That's so gross! My parents don't have sex.

-Rawlings Green, heard by the ear

The OH makes all the difference.

Guy: [laughing] Yeah, they was playin the text message game, shit! [no one else laughs] Yeah, they was playin the text message game, oh SHIT! [friends crack up]

-Pyramid Mall, heard by duestown

Bro, fuckin', you could market that sign and sell it 'n shit

Guy: All these chicks come over and drink all my beer. And they’re not even hot. We need a sign at the door: ‘Ugly girls bring your own beer.’

-Libe cafe, heard by Allison


Guy 1: Dude, you need to try this new drink I made. You take lemonade, and mix it with root beer. It is sooo good.
Guy 2: You’re high, aren’t you?
Guy 1: ...Yeah

-West Dining, heard by dudeissick

Now normally, this one would require way too much context. And it was said in a chat room. But given how hilarious it is...
Tracy Mitrano sent out an email warning all users of the DC++ filesharing network about its illegality. In the midst of the ensuing chat room uproar, a telling observation is made:

Phisherman: Its like the end of the world the way people are downloading porn

Cues, once blank, were now crammed to the brim with hardcore anal action, extreme facial abuse, and deep deep double penetration.

-DC++ chatroom, read, transcribed and told by Trees

Wasn't that great? Now, submit your top ten! Come on, what's the worst that could happen?
And keep up all the good listening!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should take the quotes left in comments and add them to the board

2:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girl: "Can I ... feel your thing?"

[while proceeding towards another girl with a grabbing motion]

Goldwin Smith, 3:00 am, 5-13

3:04 AM


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