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Monday, August 07, 2006

End of Summer Summary

As classes creep ever closer, and the specter of Ithaca looms larger, it's time to draw summer romances to an awkward close, scramble desperately for what tan can be gained, and resign yourself to another semester at one of the best institutions in the world, which still manages to maintain a thriving culture of alcoholism, ignorance and idiocy. Yes, Cornell is almost back in session, and so we here at Overheard are updating with what silly overhearings we've received over the summer. If you're new to the site (or the school, welcome freshies) this site is run by your submissions. It goes like this: you hear something stupid, you write it down or remember it, and you send it to our email address: Include anonymous nomenclature by which we refer to you, where you heard it, and, if you feel it needs it, provide some context. Alright kids, lets gear up for a long semester ahead of us! Be strong, we'll be hear for you.
-The Ear

I mean, we pay 30K a year, it's the least they can do!

Chick: These stairs are so steep!
Meathead: Yeah, it would be much easier if there was an elevator or

-Climbing out of A GORGE, heard by Gremlin

Ivy League, folks

Jock: We're seniors now... let's fail our classes

-Helen Newman, heard by Steve_Heil!

Intelligence is for idiots

Girl: How is he so fucking smart?
Gay boy: All that energy that goes towards daily life, you know, washing clothes, cooking, socializing, goes into academics. That's why most professors own velcro shoes.

-Dryden Road

Welcome to Cornell, where even your tour guides are brilliant

Tour guide: (in complete earnest) So you may be asking yourself, how many books does Cornell actually have? 500? 600? No....7 million.

-Arts Quad, both heard by Sangria

Cell phones!

Girl yelling into cell: So how's the stripper roommate?

-Gannett, heard by CDC

Its been a short summer, but all of us here at Overheard have had good ones, and we hope you did too. When you get back to Ithaca, dont forget to submit!


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