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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Two days at once (sorry bout the lazy, everyone)

Hello all, sorry about the delay, but we here at overheard are also in the midst of finals and not full of the kind of pep we would usually reserve for updating this fine intraweb infopage. Also, there have not been enough entries to justify a top-ten this week, so first week next semester the contest will return. Thanks to all who submitted favorites already, yours will not be forgotten or deleted, but if you want to submit again in the fall you're welcome too. Alright, here are the goods, kids:

Good luck getting Bob Sagat interested

Nerdy Asian Girl: They should make a Full House 2! I mean, I'd watch it!

-Appel commons, heard by the ear

Dude, totally hit that

Douchebag: Hey, how's it goin'? I feel like I see you all the time... just not in my room.
Girl: giggles

-In front of Olin Library, heard by ifoundmyshoesinadumpster

I hate losing things

Crazy ghetto girl : And i didn't even realize that I had lost the shit, and I was like yeah, and i was like yo, and i was fucking high.

-Donlon, heard by Narcotics Anonymous

We all need someone to bleed on

Sorostitute on cell: So Jon's nose just started bleeding. While we were hooking up. He was like, so embarrased. He like ran into the bathroom and wouldn't look at me. He hasn't called yet.

-Arts Quad, heard by C.M.K.

If two frat guys pass eachother in the woods, would it still be this stupid?

frat guy#1: Hey, man, what's goin' on?
frat guy #2: Just teabaggin'.
frat guy #1: The usual.

-Appel, heard by ad'a

Context: the boyfriend is attempting to pick something out from his teeth

Girlfriend: What?! Don't get mad at me! It's not like I put it there with my....x-ray HANDS or something!!

-Okenshields, heard by mel

Context: Ga'avah is a Jewish LBGT organization

Mensch: I think Ga'avah should have this slogan: "Love cock? Hate foreskin? Come to Ga'avah!

-Baker Dining, heard by Vitaliy

Context: This girl is really stupid

Blonde Girl: Are we gonna get dinner soon? But I have no meal plan left. So someone's gonna have to pay for me. Im not gonna eat, though.

-Outside RPU, heard by Charlie

God, stop cramping my style!

Salesgirl: would you like these in a pretty box or a clear box?
Girl 1: clear box [Girl 2 glares at Girl 1]
Girl 2: why would you EVER choose the plain when you can have the
pretty?....come to think of it, that's probably why i don't get any dates.

-Wegmans, heard by mj

Using those AEM classes well

Girl 1: "... couldn't you, like, bribe your Dad?"
Girl 2: "With what? His money??"

-Ho Plaza, heard by D

Always good to see a principled purveyor of pork

Hot dog vendor: Are you girls in the hotel school?
Girls: No.
Vendor: Good.
(Serves hot dogs)
Vendor: I ask them how many cups are in a quart and they don't know. I ask them what the main ingrediant in cookies is and they don't know. They're lame. I tell them to go take some engineering classes and learn something.

-Commons, heard by Pendleton

Hey, only a couple days left to hear till we leave here (thank god) so keep up the good listenin'.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"full house" is actually the name of a korean drama series.

regardless, thanks for the laughs!

3:49 AM


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