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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

(Slightly belated) Monday

Grade Grubbing.

Guy 1: "I'd swallow for an A"
Guy 2: "What?"
Guy 1: "You know, like to help the professor out. if i didn't want to study and he was cool with that."
Guy 2: "Don't you think your girlfriend would mind?"
Guy 1: "Probably not"

-Apartment building lobby, heard by wj

Speaking from experience

Awkward Boy: That must flossing your ass

-outside Donlon, heard by narcotics anonymous

Foreign languages are easy

Girl on cell: No, you gotta speak Spanish, we all speak Spanish, you gotta speak Spanish like us. (brief pause) Exactly, good boys speak Spanish

-near Dickson computer lab, heard by rj

Kids, use protection.

Fat Girl: But I didn't mean to get pregnant!
Guy: Yeah right

-C-town parking garage, heard by mina

Probably not

Girl: He's not in a frat!?!? Does he, like, know anyone??

-outside Dickson, heard by anonybus

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I could have picked any guy in the bar and I went straight to him. That's good 'guy-dar.'"

Uris Library, 12:28 am

12:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girl in Stall 1: I heard someone come in.
Girl in Stall 2: Really?
Girl in Stall 3: Yeah, I heard the door open.
Girl who came in the bathroom: RAWR

Girl who rawred exits. Footsteps are heard down the hall.

Goldwin Smith 1st floor bathroom, 5/13, 2:15 a.m.

2:23 AM


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