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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Last of the semester

Hello Everyone. School is finally done, and it's time for a loooong vacation away from the violent stupid far above Cayuga's waters. And, sadly, it is also time for Overheard to take a well-earned break. If you happen to still be in Ithaca over the summer, submit, and we'll update every time enough responses build up in the inbox, but if you're going home, you're outta luck me pretties. But not to worry, next semester we're gonna be back in a big way, with some site improvements and a T-shirt! So have a happy, safe, and intelligent summer everyone. Thanks for submitting as much as you have, and get ready for many more years of greatness stupified.
-the ear

There is just no context for this one at all

Girl- I might do 69 by accident though.

-Mews, heard by Himay

Sometimes real friendship means a rim job

Girl: I was like, 'I'll wash your back, but you're scrubbing your own asshole!'

-Outside Ruloffs, heard by Byron

Sweatin' to the oldies

Guy 1: Keep up the pace! You'll never make it on Richard Simmons' video!
Guy 2: Richard Simmons?!
Guy 1: Yeah, I thought you were like his best friend!

-Corner of Williams and Highland, heard by spankypants

Ok, this lecture was kind of bullshit

Professor: It's possible the moon is made of green cheese. It's possible I am the moon! I don't think I'm the moon . . . it's possible that you are!

-Myron Taylor hall, heard by Chia the shrub

Thanks again for a lovely semester, we'll see you all in the fall.


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