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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tuesday/Wednseday Twofer

Dude, word, you gotsta have rules for the bitches

Jocky guy: you know, if some bitch is over at our apartment next year, and she's watching tv, and i'm like, bitch, give me the remote, and then she does, that's cool. but if she's like, no, then i'm gonna be like "bitch it's my house, get the fuck out or give me the remote" just like if the bitch is peeing in our toilet and i have to pee, she'd better fuckin' get up. if she's on the toilet and i have to pee and she won't get up, i'm-a kick that bitch out.
Group of guys: Yeahhhhhhh.

-Donlon 4th Floor Lounge, heard by Wendy

Actually, It's Called Gay-dar

-I could have picked any guy in the bar and I went straight to him. That's good 'guy-dar.'

-Uris Library, heard by anonybus

Always a good time for some gender reversal

Girl: I think it would be a great idea. If we all chipped in, we could hire a stripper
Guy: No, no, I don't think so

-Alice cook house, heard by rachel

This is a tall glass of man

Guy: If I were pregnant, first place I would go would be the hardware store to reassert my masculinity.
Girl: Wouldn’t you go to CNN?
Guy: After the hardware store.

-Ho Plaza, overheard by Allison

Worst break up ever

Blonde girl on cell phone: I mean, I'm not objecting to you, I'm objecting to society's opinion of you.

-Outside RPU, heard by Katherine

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