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Thursday, May 11, 2006

T-shirt contest

Hello all! As the end of the semester draws nigh, we here at overheard have concocted a plan that should spin your bowtie for weeks on end. We're going to have a top-ten-best-of update of this, our first semester in existence, entirely chosen by you. How does it work, you may cry in disgust and anguish. Well Jimmy, it's really quite simple. You send any number of your favorites (no less than 2 no more than 10, please) as indicated by title (ie: Buzzed Aldrin, Actually, it's called gay-dar, etc) to, in no particular rank or order. Voting will close a week from today, Thursday May 18th. If we get enough emails, we will tally up votes and have a top ten edition.
But wait, here's where it gets spicy hot: The number one overheard will make it onto a T-shirt to be made over the summer and sold at a very reasonable price in the first couple of weeks next semester. Then you can walk around in the height of fashion, mocking the heathens with your every step, feeling super-fine because what you really really need is another snarky t-shirt.
Anyway, hope to hear from you soon with your favorites, and keep on listening!
-the ear

Pee Ess- If you are art inclined and find yourselves with a lot of time on your hands, either now or over the summer, and want to design a logo, that'd be amazing and a half.


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