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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wednesday last

This argument brought to you by Keystone Light

Brother 1: Oh i remember, that happened before you were really messed up.
Brother 2: No, i was already messed up.
Brother 1: But it was before the party started, you weren't really messed up.
Brother 2: No, i was messed up.
Brother 1: But you weren't really messed up.
Brother 2: But i WAS messed up.

-At Lamda Alpha Mu Epsilon, heard by Lillers

Sooo popular, its like woah!

Balchie #1: Omg, she is getting to be SO popular, she got 200 wall posts
on her birthday
Balchie #2: I know, SIX pages!

-Balch, heard by Lillers

Balch is on a role tonight

Balcher 1: What's going on tonight?
Balcher 2: I dunno, apparently everyone and their mom is going saki bombing tonight.
Balcher 3: Why are people's moms here?

-Blach, heard by anonymous

That's right, fight the monkey!

Bro: I'm so happy I dont even feel like drinking.

-Appel, heard by Riva

Smooooooooth operator

Bro: So do you like come here often?
Girl: Ummm no
Bro: I know that was a totally lame first question to ask you.
Girl: Yeah pretty much
Bro: Okay so if like you were going to start a conversation with yourself,
what would you say?

-heard at 'some frat party', by lbw

Alright all, good luck with what exams you still have. If, like me, you're done and done, enjoying deadbeating for a coupla days. Hey, your $40,000 deserve it.


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