Sick of the overwhelming stupid smacking you in the ear every day at Cornell University? Send us the hilarious, stupid or just out there things you hear, when and where you heard them, and by who (no names, just generic description) and we'll publish them. Either post it as a comment or send it to Good luck, and happy hearing

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday Two

This is...awkward...

Bro: Dude, can I get a ride home? I...uh...peed on my keys.

-Dryden Rd, heard by the ear

Maybe you need lessons?

Boy 1: ...if she remembers and she's not upset, then I'll get laid again.
Boy 2: What happened?
Boy 1: She barfed while I was going down on her.

-Target, heard by Erica

Alright kids, let's get those submissions coming!


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