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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fat Wednesday

Looks like once again we're getting tons of overheards, so many that we can even be selective and just show you the really good ones. Keep it up kinder!

I imagine it said "jaw"

Freshman girl: Who's the ja?
Freshman boy: The hommie you get sent to if you're bad.

-risley, looking at a get out of J.A. free poster, heard by opakapa

No. No.

Guy: Oh, you're on the Sun - do you know the sex editor?
Girl: Yeah, she's like the sweetest girl ever!
Guy: Does she even have sex?

-eddy st., heard by anonybus

Cue the dueling banjos

Girl on cell : Wait, so what happened to our incest circle?

-outside ctb, heard by narcotics anonymous

Somebody's been to New York

Guy: This is just like the New York City subway!

-on the tcat, heard by mb

They totally stole this from the Man Show, but it's still kinda funny

Guy: We started a petition to end women's suffrage and like 20 girls signed it.
Friend: I think if you're dumb enough to sign something like that, you lose your right to vote anyway.

-okenshields, heard by anonymous

Ah, to be young again

Girl: I remember putting out

-thurston bridge, heard by the kgb

A true sushi aficionado would know

Gourmand: I always wonder whether imitation crab is a type of crab or like, actually fake crab. I think about it all the time.

-carol's cafe, heard by benji

Fight the system!

Comrade 1: I mean when you're that company trying to take down an american company...that's not an easy fight. You're fighting the core of american capitalism.
Comrade 2: Yeah man.
Comrade 1: Dude, you want to play some tekken?

-west, heard by benji

Great work all. Keep 'em coming.


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