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Monday, August 28, 2006

Catching Up

Sorry for the long delay, the overheard offices have not had internet for a week, and a long anxious week it has been. We apologize sincerely for the break, and hope it has not caused anyone too much duress. But we're back online now (and hopefully for the rest of the year) with a big fat update. Enjoy!

Oh dear

Freshman texting: How do you spell Beer?

-outside CTB, heard by the ear

Yeah, that's it. It's definitely not you.

Girl: okay so with ________, our date went AWFUL, I took him home to 'show him my room' because he didnt kiss me in the car, and we get up there and he tells me he likes my shoes, umm..I think he's gay!

-plum tree, heard by areyoufreakingkiddingme

Atleast he's learned something

Freshman Guy: The girls here... Well that's it- its one week into school
and I am signing the resignation papers on my penis.

-north, heard by banks

Run, Florence, Run!

Freshman girl in heels: Look at me! I'm so good at heels! Look, i'm
running! She stumbles Damn it, oww...

Trust me, you didn't have to point it out

Girl: Oh, look, my boob is, like, falling out of my shirt.
Guy: Sweet.

-west, both heard by kimothy

You keep on saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Asian Girl: I hate that that's so Jappy here. I mean, at home it'd be like 'whatever you're in a wifebeater.' But here, it's like 'woah'.

-college ave., heard by the ear

Sophomore Awakening

Bro- Dude she is so hot
Dude- Dude, I know
Bro- But she's an upper classmen dude
Dude-We're upper classmen now, kind of
Bro- Yeah dude

-collegetown, heard by taranto

Alright all, that's it. Submit submit submit!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A submission:

Guy: Oh, you're on the Sun - do you know the sex editor?
Girl: Yeah, she's like the sweetest girl ever!
Guy: Does she even have sex?

- Eddy St.

11:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guy: We started a petition to end women's suffrage and like 20 girls signed it.
His friend: I think if you're dumb enough to sign something like that, you lose your right to vote anyway.

9:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ps the above was heard in okie's

9:48 AM


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